Okay guys, so there has been this thought in my mind, bothering me. The question is, what if i start posting chapters of my book here, would you read it?  I would like to share my story with you but i am not quite sure if you would take some time of yours, to read…

Where you from

Hey guys. Just a little get to know each other. Am from Belize, where you from? Participate by saying, where you are from – to see all the places people use this😊


A new year means a new start to many but it almost nevers happens because everybody continues exactly the same way they were last year. It’s just a saying to most but others do take it serious. Which one are you? Planning to fix up the mistakes this time, or do them all over again? 


Good afternoon guys. I am new here so excuse my errors and all my upcoming mistakes am about to make. My name is Athalia Recast and am from a far away kingdom. Lies.. Am from a caribbean country which i won’t be saying now but eventually i will. Anyways, i decided to open my blog…